Creating A New Balance

Why is gender diversity still absent from public sculpture?


The digital exhibition series #MakeUsVisible juxtaposes Augmented Reality monuments of gender diverse figures

with physical sculptures in several cities. 

Through AR Instagram filters or your Web browser, the digital art is accessible to everyone. We invite you to place this project’s digital sculptures in conversation with monuments in your local town or city.

By honoring the millions of people of marginalized genders living in our communities,

we can imagine and create new ways to be seen.

Throughout the 2022/2023 we will highlight the AR monuments and keep up the dialogues in our communities and online. We will celebrate gender diversity through performances, panel discussions and immersive live events.

All digital monuments can be viewed from anywhere in the world through our interactive maps. Share your images with our hashtag to #MakeUsVisible around the world. Let’s transform the sculptural landscape of our cities!

Participating Artists NYC – interact with the AR monuments through your smartphone

Rory Scott"Bessie"

KS Brewer"[name] are you okay?"

VOID PEOPLE"Thrown into Existence"

Lauren Owen"Excluded: Black Women in American History"

Brittany Kurtinecz"Hecate as Shield"

Snow Yunxue Fu"Daughter ICE"

Leah Roh & Sue Roh"New York Nails"

Eva Davidova & Shirin Anlen"Cassandra"

Sophie Kahn"Portrait of t."

Minne Atairu"Mami Wata"

Bryce Burrell & Meredith Drum"Lozen Apache Spiritual Warrior"

Heavenly Androgyne"Re-Canonization of St. Perpetiel"

Chloé Lee"Alice Guy, In Part"

Beatrice Glow"AOC Fountain (Interdependent Futures Series)"

Meredith Drum"Pandora's Snatch"

Erin Ko"Mr. Backlash (Angela Davis)"

Storm Ritter"Solar Symphony"

Carla Gannis"G@r1B@ldA!"


Sue Roh"Hettie Anderson"

Colette Robbins"The Artist DV2"


katiamess"Zitkála-Šá , the name she chose herself"

Shehara Ranasinghe"Being Seen: ReSculpting South Asian History"

Tabitha Nagy "Jeanna Bauck"

Shannon McMullen | Studio McMullen_Winkler"A Song of Living Reciprocity (Learning With Robin Wall Kimmerer)"

Hazel Griffiths"Fang at Quantum Gravity Research"


Ansh Kumar "Colours of Kalpana"

Dagmar Schürrer"Synesthesia"

Mary Ann Strandell "Streaming Hildegard"

AR Monument  _Mr. Backlash (Angela Davis)_ by Erin Ko - 1 - credit Erin Ko.PNG

"Mr. Backlash (Angela Davis)" by Erin Ko

Our Story

After talking to a friend about the fact that 91% of the sculptures in NYC depict men, Anne Wichmann had the initial idea for the event #MakeUsVisible in November 2021.
She told Clara Francesca about it and they immediately decided to realize the project with XRE.
Through the artist Erin Ko they met Nam Le from Pollinate and the curator and writer Katie Peyton Hofstadter: The team started working in December 2021, #MakeUsVisible kicked off on March 1, 2023. 

The Team

Our Friends & Partners

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