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"G@r1b@ld@!" by Carla Gannis

ARORA (formerly the #MakeUsVisible campaign) is a network of digital monuments for a more inclusive world. It was co-founded by Anne Wichmann, Clara Francesca, Katie Peyton Hofstadter and Nam Le. 


Currently we showcase exhibitions in the US and in Europe.

Our Story

After talking to a friend about the fact that 91% of the sculptures in NYC depict men, Anne Wichmann had the initial idea for the event #MakeUsVisible in November 2021.
She told Clara Francesca about it and they immediately decided to realize the project with XRE.
Through the artist Erin Ko they met Nam Le from Pollinate and the curator and writer Katie Peyton Hofstadter: The co-founding team started working in December 2021, and the first showcase of #MakeUsVisible kicked off on March 1, 2022 in New York City. 

#MakeUsVisible – Documentary

#MakeUsVisible NYC featured on PBS

The Team

Letizia Artioli.jpeg

Letizia Artioli (Venice)

Founder Venice Climate Change Pavillion

Letizia Artioli works at the intersection of architecture and contemporary hybrid languages, in between Venice and Den Haag, always below sea level. She is currently PhD candidate at IUAV University in Venice and M1 ArtScience at KABK in Den Haag.Her projects focus on dichotomies between immaterial matter,data spatialisation and climate change emergency, Hoping to transform contemporary emptiness in public spaces and awareness for the incoming post-disruptive climate changed digital future through beauty. Previous exhibitions include: Ars Electronica Festival 2022;Milan Design Week D.O.S. 2022, #MakesUsVisible NYC 2022, Laguna Festival 22, Ars Electronica Garden NYC 2021,MMMAD Madrid, LABA Valencia Augmented Worlds,DIVAGO Genova,CHEAP! Fest Bologna, Art for the Future Biennale, LaCapsula@BASE Milano. She is founder of the Venice Climate Change Pavilion project (EU4Ocean Award 22 Culture&Art: Work/Expression relating to the Ocean 2022, Youth4Ocean Forum).

Our Friends & Partners

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