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Conscious Community


We ask the question: How can technology be an ally for healing in 2021 especially after 2020 in America?


We have a bold vision of how to bring communities together in our new reality. Audience bubbles became more separated by and during the pandemic. We want to bring these bubbles back together. So we are working with artists with different cultural and social backgrounds. Audience accessibility is also very important to us. It is a big component of dismantling white supremacy in the age of Covid and Racial Injustice. To solve this problem we’re bringing the audience as close as possible to our work. We are doing this by bringing the audience as close as we can to themselves. If we, the creators, can be changed by our work, our audience can too. Together we can acknowledge the realities of life and the joy of diversity within it, rather than ostracize one another for different perspectives.


Since the pandemic hit, society has relied more than ever on technology . The last 1,5 years have taken a toll on everybody. Now we are supposed to shift towards a new normal. So we wonder: How is this possible? How can technology serve us? Can it help us heal?


The key goal is to empower our community of NYC new media artists, creators, coders, visionaries, and community activists who are directly connected to multicultural and international communities. This festival will uplift the voices of the diverse New York City artist and tech community by providing different platforms: locally through a stage at Culture Lab LIC in Queens and globally through Virtual Reality rooms and via streaming including the official Ars Electronica platform. Creators from different communities offer their unique perspectives through an array of diverse mediums and art forms. The goal is to support equity and accessibility, and have both participants and audience learn from one another by attending the performances. The audience is invited to dive deeper into the experience through Q&A sessions with the artists after the performances.

DAY 2: Thursday, September 9th 2021 6PM - 8:30PM EST

Mx_mango, Music Performance (6-7pm)
Anto Astudillo, Performance Art (7-8pm)
Sky Rolnick, Infinity Studio VR

DAY 3: Friday, September 10th 2021 6PM - 8:30PM EST

Flex Dance Program, Educator / Dancers (6-6:30pm)
Ulisespal, AV artist & She’s Excited!, Sound artist (6:30 - 8pm)
Sky Rolnick, Infinity Studio VR

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