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September 8 - 12 2021


November 12 - 15 2020

September 9 - 13 2020

August 20 - 30 2020

Ars Electronica Festival Garden NYC "A Portal"

Creative Code Festival 

“The New Cosmic Symphony” 

“The New Cosmic Symphony”

CultureLab LIC, five days of immersive art, new tech and community (co-curated with Never Knows Better)


Lightbox NYC (curated by Creative Code Art, New Media Art, Never Knows Better, Celeste and XRE)

Showcased in the online gallery of Ars Electronica 2020

Hotel New Work at TheaterLab NYC (Artist Residency)

EVENT_ XRE New Cosmic Symphony, Poem Ske
EVENT_ XRE New Cosmic Symphony, Poem Reh
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