#MakeUsVisible x denkFEmale

October 2022 in Munich, Germany

About 95% of the statues and monuments in Munich depict men. The non-male half of the city is almost left out of the conversation in our city scape.

Our mission is to uplift female-identifying and non-binary voices through art and technology to provide people of all genders a seat at the table.

In October 2022, #MakeUsVisible x denkFEmale will juxtapose 31 Augmented Reality monuments of gender diverse figures with statues of men across the city or showcase them at places that were important to the pictured person. 
All statues will be showcased via QR codes throughout the city of Munich
and will also be accessible online.



Please send an email to xrensemble@gmail.com
with the following information:

1. For which gender diverse figure (from Munich, from Germany, international) do you want to create an AR monument?

2. Why should this person be represented in Munich?

3. Links to two samples of your work

We are excited to get your proposals!

Each AR monument will be compensated with €300.

Our Story

Anne Wichmann had the idea for #MakeUsVisible in November 2021, and XRE realized the exhibition online and in person in New York City.

The kick-off was March 1, 2022. 

For the event in Munich they found denkFEmale as creative partner. 

 denkFEmale is an art project championing more diversity in our public spaces. The event was showcased in the summer of 2021 in Munich for the first time. The founders are  Amanda Pely, Tabitha Nagy and a group of students of HFF, LMU and AdBK.

With new AR monuments of different artists, #MakeUsVisible will travel
for one year to different cities across the world.

In March 2023 the concept will celebrate all single exhibits
during a closing event in  New York City.
#MakeUsVisible x denkFEmale from Munich will of course be featured as well. 

Meet The Team

Our partners
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