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Excited! Inc

Anne Wichmann of  She's Excited Inc. is a Brooklyn-based producer and powerhouse performer as well as curator. Her music is defined by limitless imagination rather than genre. This bleeds into her versatile style of edgy and dark yet sparkling Electronica. Her work is about empowerment and making space for the union of opposites so that both sadness and beauty can unfold. She’s Excited! is a solo project, yet Anne collaborates with singers, musicians, producers and artists at home and all over the globe. In 2019 she explored movie scores on “Star Wars: Dark Side EP” by reimagining iconic Star Wars themes in a dark electronic manner with co-producer Auralnauts.
 She was invited to perform at Satellite Art Show Miami 2019. In early 2020 she started to create and perform music in different realities with female producer Electric Djinn, co-founded the VR online event series “The Future Is Now!” during the NYC lockdown, and in June she released her third album “My Own Crazy”. In July joined the Extended Reality Ensemble. Currently She’s Excited! is working on her new album.

She's Excited!

Francesca Inc


Clara Fancesca of Clara Francesca Inc. is an “athlete of the heart making art”. Pre-pandemic-revolution fun-facts about this Sicilian-hailing, Celtic-ancestry, Melbournian intuitive-creator of the Stage & Screen, include being invited to join Anne Bogart’s SITI Company's Inaugural Conservatory, leading her to work with Chuck Mee on a Cubist Production. Prior to making the move from Australia to the States, Clara had been developing her career as an award-winning solo-theatre actor, directing at notable stages such as La Mama, performing in award-winning feature films and Nationally touring bilingual children’s musicals. Clara has recently realised that she has had a penchant for developing allegorical works since she was five years old. Most notably, her touring solo show Manifesting Mrs Marx (Presented at The Edinburgh Fringe 2019 and 2020, Best Performance Art SaraSolo Winner, Outstanding Solo Performance & Outstanding Original Script Nominee IT Awards NYC) has taken her  across the globe, inviting audiences to laugh and cry with her as she tells non-biographical tales of humans with hearts just like yours, the person reading this paragraph. Clara adores being part of XRE and is excited for the upcoming Bioscleave productions in the pipeline for their next installation art.

Clara Francesca

Erin Wajufos

Erin Wajufos is a visual artist, curator and collaborator with her partner @Ix.Shells, working under the umbrella of new media art with @neverknowsbetter and @creativecodeart. She has a distinct focus on the avant-garde, where digital content flows from information to emotion. From co-directing visual art events such as Creative Code Festival, to vjing and creating content for nightlife clubs in Brooklyn, Erin does all that she can to perfect her craft.  Most recently, she projected work in Shibuya Tokyo, with work entitled “Leopard Power” that she created in Max -MSP in part of @neoshibuyatv and @new_media_art

Photo Credit:

 @tomchenette in Santiago de Chile

BIO Erin Wajufos by Bea Vidal.jpg

Lungowe (Lulu) Zeko

Lungowe (Lulu) Zeko is a multi-hyphenate media professional with experience in the digital communications, branding, and strategy market, she facilitates all external collaborations and projects under her creative outlet, Kaiko Media. She's resourceful and proactive with a keen eye for research, creativity and philanthropy. She does this by aiding organizations hone and express their new/existing brands to create positive change in the world.


Born in Zambia, raised in the UK and Namibia, with academic pursuits in South Africa, Australia, and the USA have brought Lulu full circle in her commitment to work that feeds back into the creative economy.


Lulu has a Bachelor of Commerce in Tourism Management and Marketing from Monash University. Honors in Marketing Management from the University of Cape Town, and a Master of Science in Media Management from The New School/Parsons. 




Sky Rolnick is a creative technology expert who has delivered numerous virtual and augmented reality applications over the years. His expertise covers a broad range of topics including video production, motion capture, volumetric video, 3D modeling/scanning, and Unity development. Recently, he developed his own low-cost AR headset which was showcased at Holocenter Museum in October 2019 in a multi-user co-located experience called Draw within Water. Over the years, he has built multiple interactive exhibits that cover a wide range of immersive technologies, several of which were showcased at Jump into the Light, an immersive Arcade, Studio, and Playlab which Sky founded back in 2016. Prior to AR/VR development, Sky studied Nuclear Particle Physics and conducted research at Brookhaven National Lab. His Ph.D. focused on early universe Physics and was part of a team that measured a mechanism for mass generation called Chiral Symmetry Breaking.  In 2015, Sky left Particle Physics to pursue his creative and artistic interests, but many of his technical and mathematical skills have spilled over into this new field. His latest project is a tool that allows real-time visual effects through a custom virtual reality interface he is calling Live Studio VR. This tool was used to generate many of the visuals seen in The New Cosmic Symphony released in August 2020.

Sky Rolnick

Sayaka Aiba


Sayaka Aiba is a pioneering actress in both dramatic and comedic roles, who sings and dances traditional Japanese traditional dance. As an international artist, Sayaka has showcased in NYC and Japan. Sayaka has been featured in theatrical projects including “Drama Poetic Symphony" and "Night On The Galactic Railroad”, and TV series role in “Princess Atsuhime”. Notable venues Sayaka’s work has been featured in include Theater X Japan, The Duplex Cabaret theater, Carnegie Hall and Hayden Planetarium.

Screen Shot 2020-10-21 at 1.49.12 PM.png


de la Fuente

The poet, therapist and cultural activist. was born in Vigo (Spain). His writing is influenced by Cortazar, León Felipe, Ginsberg or Kavafis. His thought by Herman Hesse, Kundera, Fromm or Nietzsche. His rhythm by The Doors, Massive Attack, Coltrane or Gil Scott-Heron.


He work on poetry reading, action poetry, performance and spoken word, with or without music. In addition to many poetry shows and open mics, he organizes Kerouac Festival of poetry and performance, in Vigo since 2010, in New York since 2016 and in Mexico City since 2019. In 2015 he published "Las Partículas Brillantes", his first printed poems book, designed by visual artist Vanesa Álvarez.

In 2016 he presented his book at Bowery Poetry Club -the only European poet to do so- and at Cervantes Institute New York.

In 2017 he released the album "Isla Futura" with the music band Pólvora, where he mixes spoken word and electronic music.

In 2018 he presented the project "Lorca 2018" at La Nacional Space, with guitarist Aldo Pérez, an updated review of "Poeta en Nueva York".In 2018 he published "La Nueva Sensibilidad", a poetic manifesto about the meaning of poetry in our days, written on an artistic residence in Madrid, sponsored by Me Melia. In 2019 he was included in "Luna and Panorama sobre los rascacielos", the anthology of Spaniard poets in New York, edited by the Spanish Consulate and Arts & Culture New York.

In 2020 he was invited to recite at the University of Sor Juana, in Mexico City, and he was included in the anthology of Hispanic poetry in New York FILNY, in addition to releasing several music tracks with the American producer Miguel Nogueira.


Sean Devare

Sean Devare is a New York-based interdisciplinary performer, designer, musician, writer and director. His solo show 'First Violin,' premiered at HERE Arts Center and United Solo Festival, and was recently streamed for Mabou Mines' SUITE/Space digital festival. Sean’s work explores questions of cultural inheritance and hybridization through reinterpreting folklore and Asian diasporic performance traditions, from mask-making and shadow puppetry to Carnatic violin. He has worked on original ensemble pieces with artists in Singapore, Ecuador, and Sicily, and performed in NYC at BAM, Signature, Target Margin,The Flea and more. Founding member of Trinacria Theatre Company and The Transit Ensemble. MFA Theatre, Sarah Lawrence College; BFA Illustration, RISD.


Kamel Ghabte

Kamel GHABTE is a versatile digital artist who develops My DIGITAL FOOD, different tools and programmes revolving around digital interactivity in real time. Besides, he’s a consultant as well as a composer of electronic music and an instructor in digital audio and digital interactivity. Since 2007, Kamel GHABTE is certified pro by Apple. His work revolves around artistic language, computer science as well as audio and visual content.
His questioning focuses on the processes of artistic exchange, and the answers he gives are related to retranscription.

Languages: French, Spanish, Arabic, English


Tania Lentini

Tania Lentini (she/her) has worked extensively across arts practises and platforms for more than 20 years. From her years as a professional actor, she moved into production - assistant directing, stage managing and technical support. She was able to apply these skills and further develop her abilities at the Australian Centre for the Moving Image (ACMI), where she worked as an event coordinator and public programs producer. She delivered a wide range of events, including live talks and symposia, large-scale events and online learning. Tania was a core member of the Gamesnet pilot program, facilitating games creation and online learning for students across the state. She also produced ACMI's 24-hour White Night program, the nation-wide Screen It competition and as event coordinator for Australian International Documentary Conference. 


Since moving to the United States, Tania has worked at Tribeca Film Festival, DOCNYC and World Science Festival. Tania is currently General Manager at Indie LIC in Long Island City and is concurrently responsible for event management and delivery at the restaurant.




Electric Djinn is an American-born, New York City-based electronic music producer and performer. Her current focus is on the production of electronic and virtual music instrumentation with the infusion of healing frequencies and modalities such as singing bowls and chanting. Her music is an amalgamation of different styles and genres, creating atmospheric moody tracks with a downtempo rhythm. In addition to her solo works, Electric Djinn also collaborates with visual/performance artists, dancers, and film and video makers. Most notably with Maria Hupfield as the Music/Sound creator for Target First Saturdays, Galerie U'Quam, and Gibney Space. Her most recent collaboration is with the Extended Reality Ensemble, a loosely knit group of mixed reality artists spearheaded by Phillip Baldwin. The group explores AR/VR, Extended Reality, and Mixed Reality performances. Electric Djinn also collaborates with She’s Excited!, another electronic music producer and performer. Their projects include “The Future is Now!” a live VR event series inside a mixed reality server called Hubs, which uses ambisonic sound and virtual space to create a simulated environment. Electric Djinn is currently working on her own solo works as well as a piece with The Bioscleave House and The New Cosmic Symphony both XR multimedia projects.


Supakarn Niruktisart

Pink Supakarn is a New York-based multidisciplinary artist from Bangkok, Thailand whose practices broaden the possibilities of modern performing, visual arts, and graphic design. Pink has performed in and choreographed multiple shows at venues throughout the United States and Thailand, including MoMA PS1, the Gramercy Theatre, Bard College, the Fashion Institute of Technology, Jump Into the Light, Sodsai and Pantoomkomol Center of Dramatic Arts. Pink has also crafted visual and graphic designs for a wide range of clients and organizations. In 2018, she founded Void People, an art initiative that aims to raise public awareness and dialogues about depression and erase the negative stigma associated with mental health challenges. Void People has since held many exhibitions with Start Show at One Art Space Tribeca to raise funds for the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline. Pink joined the XR Ensemble in 2020, embodying the avatar in The New Cosmic Symphony and many more projects to come.

Pink Supakarn Niruktisart



Nkosinathi Magubane, Nathi, is a recent graduate of SUNY Stony Brook University’s Human Evolutionary Biology Program and a Science Communications Assistant at NASA Simulations Labs.  In recent years, his main area of research has been primarily concerned with higher cognition and modes of modelling human behaviour with computational models. His papers centre around the evolution of unique primate adaptations; how our ancestors developed advanced behavioural sequences such as precision planning, decision making schemas and cooperation—to overcome environmental challenges. This research aims to unify evolutionary biology perspectives with computational analysis of behavioural sequences through the use of neuroimaging data (mostly with EEG data and Python scripts). Prior to his time at Stony Brook, he was enrolled in a film/design program in the Cape Town Creative Academy (CTCA). His application portfolio primarily consisted of promotional videos he edited for his high school and paintings/drawings he completed as part of the coursework. The adobe suite allowed him to incorporate motion graphics to videos; graphics Nathi could hand draw and render in Illustrator.

Nkosinathi (Nathi) Magubane



Guy Masterson is an Olivier Award winning British theatre maker. He started in Hollywood in 1985, returned to the UK to train at LAMDA in 1989 and formed his own theatre company - Guy Masterson Productions in 1991. He has since written, produced, presented, directed or acted in over 150 productions. A veteran of 11 solo shows, his work has taken him all over the world and won many awards. He is globally renowned for his solo productions of 'Under Milk Wood’, 'Animal Farm' ‘Shylock’ and ‘A Christmas Carol. He was responsible for the three biggest ever box office hits at the Edinburgh Fringe. ’12 Angry Men’ (2003); ‘Once Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest’ (20040 and ‘The Odd Couple’ (2005). His producorial and directorial commitments have largely kept Guy away from the mainstream, but Film and TV work remains his passion. He is also well known in Germany and Austria as the famous quizzical, beer swilling Franziskaner Monk!

Guy Masterson

Orietta Crispino

Orietta Crispino (Artistic Director of TheaterLab) is an accomplished theatre artist, born in Italy. She is a graduate of the prestigious Piccolo Teatro School in Milan, where she worked with the major Italian directors Giorgio Strehler and Massimo Castri. She later taught acting and directing there. Among her many theatre projects are: Passport No. 23.922, a piece she wrote and directed on the life of Tina Modotti; and a three year-project in Trieste directing the plays of Pirandello’s Italian contemporaries. She is a member of the Lincoln Center Directors Lab and the League of Professional Theatre Women. In addition to her theatre work, Ms. Crispino has done art projects on the body in its performative aspect. Her body research culminated in a performance piece with the photographer Vibeke Jensen, Camera Obscura, shown at PS1 in New York, Bogota and Trieste. Her most recent productions at Theaterlab are Three Sisters Come and Go and Snow in the Living Room, a retelling of the Brothers Grimms’ Snow White.

Ms. Crispino’s acting credits include The Library (Crossing the Line Festival, FIAF); In the House of My Beloved (Women’s Project); The Living Room Series (HERE); Dancing, not Dead (The Internationalists); Dante (Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum), and Snow in the Living Room (Theaterlab).


Carrie Able

“Carrie Able is a New York-based visual artist, musician, and XR Artist (virtual and augmented reality). Able has made her name as a pioneer in XR Art as a multidisciplinary artist who breaks genres within the field of art. Pioneering new techniques, Able is at the forefront of VR and AR art expanding the uses of this new technology to include all facets of her work in VR sculpture, oil painting, music, and coding, bringing these elements to the fore of the art world.” - Forbes Magazine

BIO Carrie Able.jpeg

Mallika Chandaria


Originally from Toronto, Mallika Chandaria is a multidisciplinary artist and recent graduate of the BFA theatre arts program at Boston University. She uses her background in movement direction to inform the creation of striking experimental galleries, and enjoys working with a local and diverse set of artists to facilitate collaboration and immersion on every level of process.

xMallika Chandaria (sher_her_hers).jpg

(Thomas) Leacu


Leacu is a New England kid. He is a visual artist, rap artist, actor, writer, and movie maker. His work in these different mediums comes from being a passionate student of artists and the art that touches him.


Miles Herman


Miles Herman is a media producer specialized in videography and photography. After graduating University of San Francisco over zoom last spring Miles moved to New York where he is now based. His work includes documentary on fatherhood, experimental films investigating masculinity, and a talk show started during quarantine talk show.

xMiles Herman.png



TJ Butzke is a mixed-media artist focused on virtual reality/360° video art and experiences. His current projects include a 360° documentary-series on NYC artists, a VR soccer training program, and experimenting with 360° video collage and virtual galleries. He also produces music and writes poetry and prose. @Misc_arte (miscellaneous art) is the creative production company he is developing. His goal is to use the brand to produce and distribute his personal projects and collaborations. TJ is available for hire or collaboration as a producer, editor, videographer, educator, or creative consultant.  




Prof. Phillip Baldwin’s scenic designs for theatre and New Media installations have been seen all over the world. He is a New York City based designer and digital media and events artist who has received many national and international grants such as two Japan Foundation Awards, Korea Foundation, The Rome Prize, and NYSCA. He was a co-director of the New York Center of Media Arts and completed many projects in telecommunications and the arts under a Korean National Industrial Development grant. He is devoted to the means and methods of developing global cultural collaborations. Professor Baldwin is a firm believer in mentoring and constant exposure of students to the collaborative practice of Project Forming, Financing, and Realizing. In July 2020 he brought XRE to life.

Phillip Baldwin

Mehow Skalski

Mehow has a background in Marketing, Business, and Design. He ran a Design Marketing Company before starting a VR agency.He is focusing on the creative uses of VR and AR technology.

Mehow Pink at Bioscleave by Anne.jpeg

Austin Lee

Austin Lee is a visual artist who explores themes of fragmentation through a conceptual yet visceral synthesis of speculative literature, sociological theory, and of course lived experience. Growing up, he was enamored by the humongous mecha subgenre of speculative fiction, and the industrial alienation expressed therein. Harrowing tales of fragile flesh ensconced inside mechanistic monstrosity, simultaneously extended and occluded. Of particular interest to Austin was the liminal interstice between such dualistic concepts as "machine" and "life," and how life is reduced to machine as easily as machine gives rise to life. An education in sociology and media studies would further demystify the hegemonic presentation of a unified reality, revealing to Austin visions of a seething primordial mass of decontextualized symbols. In time, the ongoing process by which the solidly sacrosanct melts into lurid liquidity would become his most prominent aesthetic motif. It is precisely these overarching and underlying juxtapositions of embodiment and disembodiment which animate the chimeric beings who roam the foreboding yet familiar worlds of Austin's art.

Screen Shot 2021-02-09 at 8.39.05 AM.png

люба Lyoubov 

Lyoubov is Russian by birth. She's a singer, multimedia author, founder of a charitable foundation and DAO HEARTWINS. She is one of visionaries who serves the best ideals with modern technologies and ancient traditions. A stellar multimedia artist and author with technoetic, telematic, syncretic sense of being, member of Russian artists union.

люба (2)lyoubov headshot xr ensemble.jpg
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