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Ars Electronica Festival Garden NYC - "A Portal"

The Ars Electronica Festival goes global! And XRE is honored to officially partner with Ars Electronica to curate the New York City Festival Garden for this year's theme "A New Digital Deal". With this hybrid festival (in person, in Virtual Reality and online) we will bring accessibility of new technology, installations and performances to visitors and empower underrepresented communities of NYC.

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XRE Festival Garden writing

The New Cosmic Symphony

XRE’s “The New Cosmic Symphony”  is an all-cis-female lead production by Clara Francesca, Electric Djinn and She’s Excited!, integrating international artists of diverse backgrounds across the Americas, Asia, Europe, Africa and Australasia. The performance is a three-tiered experience on platforms of multi-interdisciplinary arts for a new audience using analogue and digital interfaces. The production provides ambisonic architectorial modalities, educational exploration, experimentation, and discussions for institutions interested in hiring the lead creators with/without collaborators. “The New Cosmic Symphony” is a story honouring the cycle of life; the digital world is running our collective existence. In the midst of this time-period, our Higher Selves (the audience & the performers) board a train with two children. On this train, Sound (the musicians) is fueling the life-source engine. Language (the actors & the white-European train conductor) is dictating our lower selves’ thoughts. And Space (the theatre & virtual room) is driving our sense of existence. The audience follows the story of these two children who seem to be riding in the same train, yet are separated by something. One of them begins to awaken to the white-gaze, and the complicity of compartmentalizing differences. The digital world has made paradoxically everything easier and harder. Slowly the child befriends technology, and realises that it is constantly connected to the wonderful uniqueness of diverse perceptions within the cycle of life. 

New Cosmic Symphony

“The New Cosmic Symphony” was invited to participate in a ten-day residency in August 2020 at Orietta Crispino’s TheaterLab in Manhattan, ending with a live stream of a full rehearsal featuring Guy Masterson, Sayaka Alba, Sky Rolnick, Pink Supakarn and Phillip Baldwin as well as art by Austin Lee and Nkosinathi Magubane. In September the Symphony was featured in the online gallery of Ars Electronica 2020.

We [also] Have Decided Not To Die

XRE’s “We [also] Have Decided Not To Die” is an interactive multimedia installation / exhibition presented by She’s Excited!, Clara Fancesca, TJ Butzke and Electric Djinn through the concept of a Russian Doll, with Bioscleave House as the source. Bioscleave, built in East Hampton (New York, USA) by artist-architects Arakawa and Gins, is a longevity villa constructed to heighten the attention and awareness of the houses’ inhabitants, challenging them to live harder, especially during difficult times. Bioscleave House’s architectural body serves as a laboratory for humans to study and observe themselves: What is it like to live with others in a house that has no doors in between rooms, not even to the bathroom? How can you move through a space with extremely uneven floors? What emotions are triggered by the defiant architecture? What does the house do to your mind? What art can be generated and created in an architectural body like Bioscleave House? XRE invites the audience to experience the architecture of Bioscleave House and its defiant – if not even crazy – philosophy on multiple levels, in several layers, through non-linear time and space in this interactive and immersive installation.

360 Jenn + Carrie _work by TJ

Architecting Our Destinies @ Biennale Venice

We got officially accepted to the prestigious Biennale Architettura Venice 2021.

Become a part of our adventure!

Crowdfunding starts on Nov 1!

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