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“You Are Butifl” combines performance art with a state-of-the-art multimedia installation under the influence of OpenAI ChatGTP, representing our (biased, and heavily Western- Colonizer-influenced) collective consciousness.


It invites the audience on a journey to explore questions about beauty and ugliness from an interactive and playful point of view. This piece was developed and realized with Brittany Kurtinecz.


(formerly known as #MakeUsVisible campaign) is a network of audio, visual and scholarly engagement centering around themes of visibility important to specific communities in their public spaces. #MakeUsVisible places emphasis on augmented reality monuments to empower diverse female and gender-expansive voices around the globe.

Link PBS:
Link Documentary:


Inescapable Entanglement is a posthumous narration of the emotional reaction to the climate change crisis.


We ask “How can technology serve us?” while acknowledging that “Solastalgia” (distress caused by environmental change) is on the rise in societies.


At the intersection of performance (Chekhov’s play Uncle Vanya), AR (live climate change metrics), soundscapes and biometric data visualization of physiological responses, we invite audiences to discover possibilities of living on an intrinsically entangled planet. This piece was developed and realized with MEDIACOELI.

Link Ars Electronica: inescapable-entanglement-performance/

Link Deutschlandfunk Kultur Radio: electronica-dlf-kultur-2c18e617-100.html

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